Better Outcomes Patient Centred Healthcare Solutions
  • Remote monitoring of vitals and medication adherence.
  • Adverse Drug to Drug Interaction Check.
  • Physician - Care Team Communication.
  • e-Vists / Tele-medicine.
  • e-Prescribe
  • e-Reminders using Artificial Intelligence technology.
  • Share collected data via e-mail or print.
  • Secondary user notifications of missed appointments and dosage.
  • GPS: Locate nearest Pharmacy, Clinic. Hospital.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 enabled.

health espresso provides a virtual care giver equipped with voice reminders of medication timings, doctor’s appointments, and health related notification.

It is Bluetooth enabled, providing an open platform to pair with Bluetooth enabled medical data collection devices such as heart monitor and blood pressure devices.

health espresso enables automated medication refills to user’s selected pharmacy. It also alerts a family caregiver, family doctor or assigned secondary user of any misuse or non-compliance of a medication schedule.


Our Mission

We leverage technology to promote prevention by virtually monitoring patient’s
medication adherence and tracking their body readings to reduce critical health
events leading to hospital admissions.



Patients, Family Caregivers:

  • Audible reminder of medication dosage timing.
  • Receive, populate and track consumer medication intake through Bluetooth pairing.
  • Secondary user may be assigned to monitor medication intake and ensure adherence.


  • We promote prevention by providing real-time notification of sent body readings such as pulse rate, blood pressure and more through Bluetooth paired devices.
  • With proper consent, receive notifications of patients’ alerts.
  • With proper consent, view patients' medication list and adherence.


  • Auto refill to user’s selected pharmacy.
  • Location based linking to of nearest pharmacy, hospital or health facility.
  • Health Espresso is cross platform with both Apple and Android.
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About us

Health Espresso is inspired by iCare Home Health, an award winning, innovative agency that promotes safe and active Aging in Place. Our goal is to reduce emergency admissions and enhance overall health by focussing on real time tracking of body readings, safe medication management, and offering Patient Centred approach to managing individuals' health.