Connected Care

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Vitals tracking such as blood pressure, heart-beat and or glucose levels.
  • Medication Adherence tracking.
  • Adverse Drug to Drug interaction check. 1.5 million drugs updated monthly.
  • Monitor a large number of primary users’ vitals data collected via mobile app. (for OHT,
    community care organization, hospital, retirement and/ or nursing home settings).

Primary Physician - Care
Team – Patient Communication

  • Client & Care Team 2-way Communication. Hospital and/ or physician can assign Care Plans to Nurse, PSW, OT, PT and/ or instructions to the Primary user. 
  • Primary user and/ or caregiver communication back to Hospital and/ or physicians.
  • Secondary user notification of missed appointments/ dosage – family caregiver, doctor, or any assigned healthcare provider.
  • Primary user ability to share collected data via email or print.
  • Share 15/ 30/ 45 days vitals history.
  • Calendar: Integrated with device calendar for reminders of medication, doctor’sappointments, etc.…
  • Contacts: Assignment of Secondary user (Family caregiver, physician, hospital) for oversight with consent.


  • e-Visit: Video capability for Tele-medicine consult.

e-Prescription (coming soon)

  • Prescribe medication on-line to patient’s primary pharmacy

Artificial Intelligence

  • Interactive Voice “Reminders” feature powered by a proprietary Artificial Intelligence communication tool (similar to Siri, or Alexa).

Chatbot Resource Finder

  • Health Espresso’s own Dr. T will help users find local community resources by category.

Location Based Technology (GPS)

  • Geo-locate Hospitals, Pharmacies and/ or Clinics in the user’s vicinity with a Google Maps step by step directions.

Data Collection Devices via Bluetooth

  • Health Espresso is device agnostic.
  • Health Espresso is Bluetooth 4.0 enabled to pair with Bluetooth enabled devices to wirelessly collect data real-time.
  • Data can also be entered manually.