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Become the C.E.O. of your own health

Why Health Espresso?

Reduce critical health events and medication mismanagement, track your vaccines, connect with your family doctor, collect your health data, access your health records anywhere in the world…all at your finger tips. Health Espresso empowers you to become the C.E.O. of your own health.

Start Self-Managing Your Health Here!

Download Health Espresso mobile app.
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Enjoy the following FREE Mobile App features:

  • Track your Vitals.
  • Allow for Remote Monitoring – with your consent.
  • Track your Medication list.
  • Adverse Drug to Drug Interaction check.
  • Book an Appointment with a physician online.
  • Reminders of Medication/ Appointments – AI powered.
  • Chatbot Community based health resource finder.
  • Connect with your Primary Physician for Virtual Care (Free video).
  • Geo-locate nearest clinic, pharmacy or hospital.
  • Share Data via email/ print.
  • Secondary user notifications of missed dosage/ Appointments – with your consent.

Manage and Access Your Health Records:

For a complete Self-Managed Care, extend the
mobile app features and register an account to view all your records in one place.

Coming Soon

Upgrade access your health data on the in-cloud secure and private Health Espresso web portal anywhere in the world.

Digital Patient Profile and Digital Care Plan includes:

  • Vitals data with trending graphs, downloadable and sharable.
  • Medication lists: View/ Edit.
  • Adverse Drug to Drug interaction check. View only.
  • Allergies list: View/ Edit.
  • Medical/ Surgical History: View only.
  • Lab Reports: View only. 
  • Personal Journal: Enter your own health related notes in a journal.
  • Assistive devices: List health devices you use.
  • Keep track of your health insurance details.
  • Upload images of wound/ foot care or more to share with care provider.
  • Book an online appointment with your physician.
  • e-Visit: Connect with physician and/ or Care Team via video FREE.
  • Invite your family caregiver, physician and/ or care provider via email to access your Digital Health Profile to allow for Informed Decisions for Better Health Outcomes. You can disconnect anytime.
  • Hospital Report Manager: View only.
  • Social History/ Determinants.
  • Vaccines: Track and stay current.
  • Physio/ Massage Therapy notes.
  • Mental Health notes.
  • Physician Consult notes.
  • Care Team list and their contact details.
  • Access Care Team Progress notes.
  • Secure Messaging: Care Team – Patient – Primary Physician.

Our Web Portal Pricing

Primary User

I want to be the C.E.O. of my own Health


Spouse and/or Children

From cradle and beyond, our
Family wants to manage its own health.