Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Aging in Place

Health Espresso is a supporting member of the newly formed Ontario Health teams (OHT) extending its digital health platform to provide a communication tool for a connected, patient centred circle of care.

Telemedicine provides physician e-Visits to patients in the comfort of their home reducing the need to travel for non-emergency visits

Post Hospital Discharge

Health Espresso provides real-time vitals tracking and facilitates a platform for a digital care plan by primary physician to communicate with mobile team and enables the care team to remotely monitor discharged patients for better outcomes.

Community Organizations and Ontario Health Teams

Health Espresso provides a collaborative, Electronic Health Record for One Patient, One Care Plan – Patient Centered approach. Our unique platform allows for Primary Care Physician-Care Agencies-Patient 2-Way communication on a secure and private platform with patient consent.

Retirement Homes

Health Espresso empowers the resident nurse with an Electronic Health Record to better manage residents’ medication, track vitals to prevent critical health events leading to hospital (re)admissions or occupancy vacancies.

Retirement homes that have a resident physician and a Health Centres can leverage Health Espresso as an Electronic Health Record to offset the need for a costly EMR solution.

Insurance And WSIB

  • Insured Registration: Access patient health records – with consent – to better understand their insurance needs to provide suitable programs the meet their healthcare needs and mitigate risk.
  • Short & Long Term Benefits: Remote monitor – with consent – patient’s progress to correctly assess their insurance coverage and collect supporting data for proper benefits reduction or extension decisions.
  • Travel Insurance Customer Service: Health Espresso in-cloud portal facilities data access for the insured overseas health service providers for better healthcare outcomes. Simultaneously, insurance companies can access patient’s data to properly assess claims.
  • Virtual Care: Health Espresso’ s EHR provides a critical Patient Digital Health record to convert a tele-medicine call into a virtual care with the proper follow up supplying data. iCARE Virtual is Health Espresso’s collaborative virtual health partner.