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Home and Community Care

Aging in Place

Health Espresso is a supporting member of the newly formed Ontario Health teams (OHT) extending its digital health platform to provide a communication tool for a connected, patient centred circle of care.

Telemedicine provides physician e-Visits to patients in the comfort of their home reducing the need to travel for non-emergency visits

Post Hospital Discharge

Health Espresso provides real-time vitals tracking and facilitates a platform for a digital care plan by primary physician to communicate with mobile team and enables the care team to remotely monitor discharged patients for better outcomes.

Insurance Companies and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Remote monitoring

Health Espresso provides real-time tracking of a patients’ vitals, compiled into quantifiable and measurable data to make informed decisions on patient’s recovery process and related benefits reduction, in the case of early recovery, resulting in large savings.


Health Espresso provides a platform to facilitate e-Visits with a complete view of patient’s health history, real-time vitals readings, medication prescribed and lab reports empowering physician to make informed decisions and improving on the patients confidence in the process and better experience.

Self-managed Care

Health Espresso mobile app. empowers Canadians to self-manage their health by:

  • Being better-informed of their vitals trajectory,
  • Safe medication intake,
  • Data collection to share with their physician
  • Reminder of doctor’s appointments and medication dosage.
  • Notification of missed appointments or medication dosage with a family caregiver.
  • Easily locate and navigate to closest pharmacy, clinic and/ or hospital.
  • Tele-medicine: schedule a video call with a physician.
  • Resource finder using Health Espresso’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence.(AI).

Health Espresso’s In app purchase gives the user access to the in-cloud secure and private portal extending the mobile app features to:

  • Build a Digital Patient Profile.
  • Access to patient health history.
  • Access to lab reports.
  • Build a Digital Care Plan and invite circle of care healthcare providers to communicate and monitor progress.
  • Tele-medicine: Schedule a video call with a physician and give access to patient data and reports for a more accurate assessment.