Top 5 Resources to Help Maintain Your Health Virtually

In 2020, you have access to so many new virtual healthcare resources, so how do you find the best ones? We have created a list of five of Health Espresso’s in-home care app services. These services will help you maintain your health or the health of your loved ones virtually.

5 Health Espresso Remote Home Care Services

  1. Primary Physician – Care Team – Patient

Health Espresso is a secure and private platform that connects the Primary Physician – Care Team with the patient. It allows health care professionals to view a patient’s digital profile. It is video capable for virtual communication between the primary user of the app or the caregiver and the primary physician and/ or hospital staff.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are concerned about having no in-person access to their doctor. Tele-medicine has offset the limited physicians’ access created by the pandemic and provided alternative virtual access to individuals who are just not physically able to attend appointments in person due to existing health-issues or disabilities. Health Espresso’s home care assistance app raises the bar by providing the physician with a digital patient profile of the patient’s vitals and health records for a better-informed decision.

  1. Real-Time Remote Monitoring

One of Health Espresso’s home care services is remote vital monitoring of yourself or a loved one. You can track vitals such as heart-rate, blood pressure, and glucose levels. You can track your loved one’s medication adherence with notifications of missed dosage.

Users can share their vital records, medication lists and adherence with their physician, Nurse Practioner and/or their family caregivers in a secure and private environment.

  1. Safe Medication Management

Managing your medication is important, especially for individuals who take medication on a daily basis. Health Espresso’s in-home care app has a ‘Safe Medication Management’ component where you can cross-reference adverse drug to drug interaction. This ensures that there are no negative effects to taking them together. You can also set reminders with daily notifications to take your medication. Never again will you miss a dosage.

  1. Digital Care Plan

Health Espresso’s web portal provides a secure, private platform for the patient – physician – care team to build a digital care plan with tasks assigned by skill set such as Nurse, Physio Therapist (PT), Personal Support Worker (PSW), Occupational Therapist (OT) and more.

Care team members are able to tabulate notes on a patient’s progress. The patient is able to write their own journal and their physician is able to update care plan instructions. Messages can be exchanged for updates, care plan updates, patient progress and more.

  1. ChatBot Resource Finder

The ChatBot Resource Finder provides community-based resources. Our very own Dr. T will personally help users find local services and resources in any health category. Different categories on our system include caregiver resources, personal support at home, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, hearing aids, mental health, palliative care, Parkinson’s, safety, stroke and heart disease and much more. You can also view resources from our partner, iCare Home Health, to find the most up to date health information.

Easy to Use Resources to Care for Every Patients’ Needs

We hope that you find these home care assistance resources helpful. The goal of virtual healthcare is to make sure that you still receive outstanding healthcare, just virtually.

Through Health Espresso there are so many resources available to help everyone manage their health safely and remotely. You can feel confident that you will be connected to a great physician and hospital in your area.

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